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DK News Agency is an international media company by working with TV channels and organizations. Our multilanguage team providing media needs to our customers. DK News based on Istanbul- Turkey and London- England.

Media Solutions From the Experts

DK News Agency Media has tailored its portfolio of services to meet the needs of regional and international broadcasters. All inclusive of live studios and production, event coverage, transmission, news rooms, news packages and archiving.

Our assortment of specialist Equipment and services incorporate newsrooms, OB vans, SNG trucks and flyaway systems, ENG kits, and more.

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Professional Media Consulting Solutions

DK Working Services

DTL Services

DK News is providing Single or multi camera live services from various locations via Satellite or Internet.

SNG- OB VAN Services

Our SNG Team is covering Sport events, political events and other kind of events depends of what our client needs.   

Production Service

Dk News is providing decoumantry and Production studio service with required needs.

Sattalite and New Tech

We are providing satellite and teleport service from varios locations with the internet devices.








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